samedi 31 mars 2018

How to survive a multi-tasked day !

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Hello friends, I wish you all a good weekend. 

we all have a day in a week that can just tear us down because of the long list of tasks we need to get done at the end of the day. For some of us, it is everyday of the week. sometimes, the day has not yet started we already feel wreck, unable, limited and downcast. 

Being surrounded by all these feelings is something normal. According to Scientists, our brain's premiere function is to survive. Therefore, I think it could be the reason why we experience these feeling while leading off a multi-tasked day. 

I want us to get rid of all these tasks the day long while keeping happy and confident. Here are steps I experienced and I can assure you, you will be making a change. 

1. Preparation. It is well-known, before every battle, get trained. In our case, we must prepare every singlle part of our being. Mind, soul and body. What I suggest, is to exercise 10mins in the morning at wake up time. You know, exercise has this ammazing way to strenghten you self-confidence and to warm you up enough and makes you feel ready to encounter any battle. You feel powerful, and that is what we need at the beginning of a physically and mentally heavy day. 10mins is enough, try it.

2. keep focusing. Don't let yourself be disturbed along the day, or else, you may not end the day with all things done. You can take a you must take a break each time you feel overwhelmed. Or else, you might want to lay on laziness. To caffein addict, let me tell you it is not the best solution. You feel energized but the truth is the caffein just suck out your energy. Keep your tasks in mind and fix time out on each task.

3. let go the undone. If you end the day with an all-done tasks list, be proud and reward yourself. If unfortunately you end the day with some undone tasks, let go. Just let it go! You have made a mess of your day, there is no reason to do the same with your evening. Relax yourself, enjoy your night and get ready for the next day, you must be paste.

See you soon on next paper...

samedi 17 mars 2018

Speak up!

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Hello friends.

It is no more a secret we all know my interest for self-excellence, force, and braveness just by reading my posts each from the first to now. I am not a passive person of at least I try not to be. I think this world has become a real huge jungle and we are not here to be passive but to strengthen enough our self to rise over every situation, every person, every feeling that tries to hold us down. It must start with a voice.

A closed mouth cannot be feed, said an actress I really love.She is right.Ifwe want to be heard, we must speak and speak so loud to be understood. We must speak promptly and wisely to be acknowledge. If you stand up for something whatever it is, the best way to catch the ears and minds is to raise your voice. If you are afraid to speak try a pen 😆 it is good too, watch me. If someone offends, you say it. If you want something, ask for it. Do whatever you can, but do not stay silent.

Now this is the process friends:

1- Know what you say and care of how you say it. Don’t get involved in things of subjects you know nothing about, in which there is no interests and in which you or your work are not related in any way, otherwise you may just pull some bullshits out. 

2- wait for the best time to speak. Stop speaking uselessly. If I learnt something from Buddhist believers, it is the importance to shut the mouth off when nothing good, wise and useful, intelligently said is going to be express.

3- be true with yourself and with others. What you say will be consider by your audience as what you think. What you stand up for will be consider as your own fight. Your image, your reputation, your relations will be either good or bad just relating to what you have said.

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" Oprah Winfrey.


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